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2 killed in airstrike in eastern Rafah, 4 injuries in another
Lawyer: Court rejects appeal for Hana Shalabi
Published Sunday 25/03/2012 (updated) 28/03/2012 16:46
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A woman holds a placard depicting prisoner Hana Shalabi during a rally in
support of her hunger strike as well as calling for the release of Palestinian
prisoners held in Israeli jails, in front of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City
March 24, 2012. (REUTERS/Ammar Awad)
JENIN (Ma’an) -- Ofer military court on Sunday rejected a legal appeal for administrative detainee Hana Shalabi, a lawyer from the Prisoners Society said.

Jawad Bulus told Ma'an that a secretary from the Israeli military court informed him the judge rejected his appeal against Shalabi's detention without trial.

The judge, after reviewing Shalabi's case, said that there are grounds to continue holding her as she is a threat to Israel's security.

Bulus said that he will petition against the decision, which he described as unfair and oppressive. Prisoner Society director Qadura Fares said he was not surprised by the decision, as Israeli courts have never treated Palestinian prisoners fairly.

Shalabi, from the village of Burqin, is being held in "administrative detention," a category in the Israeli legal system which permits imprisoning suspects for six months at a time without charge.

On Thursday, Boulos said Shalabi was in a critical condition.

Bill ban Esveld, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, says Israel is violating Shalabi's rights.

"After previously imprisoning her without charge for more than two years, Israel is again violating Hana Shalabi's basic due process rights," van Esveld said. "If it lacks the evidence to charge her with any crime, as seems to be the case, it should release her immediately.
1 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
25/03/2012 20:44
More Fascist actions from a Fascist Israeli Regime, we cannot expect anything else from this Fascist government. How long must this go on? Well, one thing I found myself thinking about earlier today, Hana Shalabi will very soon be freed from this, either released from her physical chains by Israel freeing her from prison or God freeing her and taking her to Heaven to forever reside with Him there. I expect Hana Shalabi finds comfort in this. She wins, no matter what happens.

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
25/03/2012 21:53
I still can't understand why Israeli decided to release her as part of Shalit prisoner swap deal if they considered her to be a threat to Israels security. Let this be a lesson to the Palestinians not to Trust Israeli govt in any future agreements.

3 ) Arna / USA
25/03/2012 22:32
how many days has she been striking for?

4 ) Business / Israel
25/03/2012 22:38
This woman is a member of Islamic Jihad. We dont have to wait until we have a toulouse here. Islamic Jihad advocates our genocide. No we shall not give her the chance to do her little part. Too bad. She can win by dying, if that is her choice. We prefer to win by living and we shall.

5 ) Arnold / Canada
25/03/2012 23:39
In France they are questioning how Mohammad Merah slipped through the security system. In Israel they cannot afford to have people slip through. That is why if necessary people are held in detention. If she is in detention there is a reason for it.

6 ) carine / UK
25/03/2012 23:59
She must be such a huge security risk to Israel, chained to a hospital bed and near to death!! If she was such a huge risk, why was she released a few months ago? This is cruelty beyond belief. I especially salute this brave young lady, and all other prisoners who have joined her.

7 ) Nice Nigel / UK
26/03/2012 00:52
Well said AKeenReader, if she is such a risk, them why was she released. or are they claiming that since her release from detention that she has become a threat? It's clear that they are punishing the families of "dissidents" as a way of preventing spoken dissention. Not only do they kill anyone who dares speak out, they imprison and humiliate their families, an effective deterrant to people who love their family, as used by low life scum gangters and the Israeli Forces.

8 ) Julie / USA
26/03/2012 02:56
"there are grounds to continue holding her as she is a threat to Israel's security." ...BUT...SHE HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED???? what a hypocritical, debased, flawed and criminal nazionist thing to do. that izrahell is the real threat to world security is not in question to the majority of the world.

9 ) Carlos / USA
26/03/2012 03:07
israel lies, steals and murders. What else would you expect from a criminal like israel.

10 ) Robby / USA
26/03/2012 05:02
1 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US - The only thing within Mrs. Shalabi's control is whether she eats or not. I, for one, wish she would eat rather then choosing sickness or death. Or you can just call Israel names, that's productive.

11 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
26/03/2012 12:21
To Robby, Hana Shalabi chooses a hunger strike as a response to Injustice. There is nothing new or inherently evil in fasting or in a person engaging in acts of self sacrifice for others, like this. Others have done the same who lived before her, like Gandhi, like Jesus Christ. To lay one's life down for others, there is no greater act than this. I admire people like Hana Shalabi, the world needs more people like her. Israel builds walls that divide, people like Hana tear them down.

12 ) @ Sherri #11 / USA too
26/03/2012 14:04
I wish that Israel would release at least some information, regarding the
"inherently evil" actions that caused Ms Shalabi to be arrested initially.

However, you are correct that "there is nothing inherently evil in fasting",
but since it will accomplish nothing, but causing herself serious harm,

13 ) Business / Israel
26/03/2012 14:31
This woman belongs to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Do you really think she is like Gandhi ? Do you know what this group stands for?

14 ) carine / UK
26/03/2012 18:51
#13 - Really? How do you know? Is that why she spent 2 years in prison without charge or trial. Again I ask, why was she released if she was such a danger? Swallowing propaganda can choke you, y'know.

15 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
26/03/2012 21:36
To Business, We only have this allegation thrown out by the media about that association with Islamic Jihad, and I am sorry, but an unproven allegation of an association, that is not even a crime, even if it were true, does not justify over 2 years of administrative detentions where a person is not even charged with violations of any crimes. Hana is like Gandhi, by responding to Injustice with nonviolent self sacrificing actions. Acts like hers tear down walls that divide people from each other.

16 ) Business / Israel
27/03/2012 02:37
Her own father admitted she was a member if Islamic jihad but said she was not active since her release. And this is Gandhi to you? Did ghandi belong to an irganization that wanted to destroy the uk? Administrative detention is not for membership in Islamic jihad, it is because security has information that someone is planning to take part in a terrorist operation. Evidence is presented to a judge, like for Guantanamo, I might add. We do not want to wait for Toulouse and the US does the same.

17 ) southparkbear / usa
29/03/2012 09:31
unity? shalabi? palestinian state? just like the odds in the mega lotto
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